In the past, we’ve written about why it’s important to be mindful of the materials we source. It has profound ripple effects throughout the entire supply chain and the environment -- the water, waste, and energy that goes into our product creation process, as well as the people involved – from those who make it to those who use it. 

As part of WAYB’s design philosophy, we always strive to limit the use of materials derived from fossil fuels, such as plastic and foam. That’s why you won’t find much foam in our products or packaging. Like plastic, foam is derived from fossil fuels, requires tons of energy to source and produce, and takes, oftentimes, a lifetime to biodegrade. A triple threat, and not in a Beyonce kind of way.

Most of the consumer product industry uses PU, EPS, EPP, or EV foam, all of which are more subject to chemical- and heat-corrosion and are less durable than other foams on the market. In WAYB’s products, we not only limit foam in our design, we also intentionally source more durable, heat-resistant alternatives that are trusted for use in the aerospace industry – pretty out of this world, right?

In our packaging, you won’t find much foam there either. We put extra time and care into designing our packaging so it optimizes space and minimizes extraneous materials like foam packing peanuts, foam cushioning sheets, or plastic air bubble packaging (as much as your kiddos – and ours – may love playing with it)! 

These are just a few of the ways we're designing products with people and the planet in mind. To learn more about our path towards building a more sustainable company, go to