We're WAYB. We're here to champion family travel, and make it easier.

We reinvent on-the-go gear for family adventures, big and small.

We raise the bar on products that are better for parents, kids, and the planet.

Way better.

Some families stay put. Other families stay curious.

Every kid is born curious.

Blank canvases, eager to shape their minds through the world as they see it. Taste it. Touch it.

That's why they love asking why.

As parents we have the opportunity to fuel their curiosity, not just through our own words, but through the vast world around them.

Explore a planetarium and show them why the sky is blue.

Snorkel around the corals to see how fish and humans breathe underwater.

Or have them discover umami through a bowl of ramen.

This curiosity doesn't just lead our families to places.

It leads to fresh ideas, newfound bravery, and a deeper connection with the people around us.

It leads us to ask what if, could we, and why not.

And this same curiosity is what drives us at WAYB.

We are constantly curious, questioning the status quo to help families travel better.

Because we know the value that travel brings.

Every kid is born curious.

But it's up to us to keep them asking why.


In the Press

"A game changer for family getaways.”
"No more lugging dense plastic seats to and from the airport."
"It’s a mere 8 pounds, much smaller than other popular car seats."
"Installs in seconds and folds up to an easy carrying size so you can bring it with you on the go."
"It also folds up for travel... and its materials are far more recyclable than its competition."

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