Frequently Asked Questions


What is WAYB?

WAYB (rhymes with "baby") is a new brand of kid products from the makers of the world’s best outdoor gear. WAYB makes it easier for families to get out in the world. For our “firstborn” we reinvented the car seat to make family travel better. Get ready for adventure with Pico, arriving soon!

Where does the name WAYB come from?

WAYB (rhymes with "baby") reminds us to strive for products that are way better. It’s not enough to just improve, we want to create, innovate, and flip the status quo. To us, way better means you don’t have to give up beauty, quality, or thoughtful features when you buy a product that’s safe and responsibly made.

Who are your founders?

As a kid product company, we think about parents all day, every day. So we like to think of our founders as our parents. Kind of a “my three dads” situation.


Our CEO, Tio Jung, combines his background in design and business to lead WAYB, and with three kids of his own he loves to create beautiful products and innovate ways to make parenting easier.


Michael Crooke is the former CEO of Patagonia and other mission-driven brands, and a former Navy SEAL. He currently teaches MBA students to think about people and the planet, not just profits.


I.S. Jung, Tio’s dad, is an engineer who manufactures the world’s best gear for premium outdoor brands. He’s built his reputation in the outdoor industry on an intense commitment to quality and safety, and innovative use of aluminum and technical fabrics.

What are your company values?

As people, we value integrity, trust, and coffee. Not necessarily in that order.  As a company, we have four core values: Commitment to People, Care for the Planet, “COULD WE” Culture, and Humble Transparency.


Read more about them here

What is the most Frequently Asked Question?

Let’s get real. We’re just getting started, so nobody’s asked us any yet. But at home it’s “can I have a snack?” Come to think of it, that’s the most frequently asked question at the office too.


How Do I Contact WAYB?

WAYB is headquartered in South Pasadena, California. Get in touch at, or send us press inquiries at


When will the Pico travel car seat be available?

Our “due date” is spring 2019. Sign up for our emails to be the first to know when and where it’s available, or preorder on our Indiegogo page. 


What products does WAYB make?

Our firstborn is the WAYB Pico (patent pending), the on-the-go car seat that’s tested to federal safety standards for use in cars and planes.

Where can I use the Pico?

The Pico travel car seat is cleared for takeoff and ready for the road, passing federal safety tests for use in planes or cars. Bring it on the road trip, in the air, everywhere. If you’re flying with kids, renting a car, taking a family road trip, hopping in an Uber or Lyft with little ones, or just doing the Tuesday carpool, the WAYB Pico is ready to go.

FLYING WITH KIDS: The Pico travel car seat is perfect for flying with kids. It’s light, easy to carry on, and installs with the airplane seatbelt to keep kids secure. Starting at age two, parents are required to purchase a separate seat for kids flying… but if your kids are like our kids, it’s not always easy to keep a little one buckled and in that seat. The first time our wee Houdinis figured out how to pop open that plane seatbelt, it was game over. The Pico easily installs in the seat of an airplane to keep junior comfortable and secure. And if for some reason you aren’t using your Pico, it’s not taking up the seat for the rest of the ride. Simply fold and stow in the overhead bin.

RENTAL CAR WITH KIDS: Skip the hassle, and the yuck factor. The Pico travel car seat is the perfect portable car seat to use in a rental car. Bring your own safety seat instead of wrangling with one of theirs, and feel good knowing how to install it. The WAYB Pico installs with a car’s LATCH system or seatbelt.

TAXI, LYFT, UBER WITH KIDS: No matter how short the ride, it’s simply not worth it to skip the car seat. Pico makes it easy to bring your own so you can make every ride safer for your kids. The WAYB Pico installs with a car’s LATCH system or seatbelt.

CARPOOL SPARE: Keep an extra car seat handy for carpools. The Pico folds small and can easily stay in the trunk for the impromptu playdate or to fit in an extra rider.


CAR SEAT FOR TRIPLETS: Because the Pico’s frame is made of aluminum, it’s super strong without the bulk of a plastic seat, making it easy to fit in an extra rider in the back row. The Pico fits three-across, even in a sedan. Tic. Tac. Toe.

CAREGIVER CAR SEAT: The Pico is a great spare car seat to keep on-hand for a babysitter, nanny, or that glorious built-in babysitter: the granny nanny. Help Nana and Poppy take the kids out and about with the portable, light, easy-to-move Pico car seat.

CAR SEAT CAR SWITCHING: As a parent, the single most enjoyable, rewarding moment is uninstalling a car seat, and re-installing it in another car. Just. Sheer. Bliss. AAAAAAAAHHHHHH. If you’ve been there, you will probably detect a hint of sarcasm. The Pico makes things a little easier with a light car seat you can keep in the trunk, move from car to car, or leave in a school cubby. Yes, the Pico still takes installing, but we think it’s pretty darn easy to get it in tight and right, especially with push-button LATCH buckles that quickly click in place.

Why did you create the Pico?

Co-founders Tio and I.S. Jung noticed parents struggling to lug bulky car seats through the airport. Traveling with small kids seemed hard enough without adding a big, heavy car seat to the mix. They realized that families had two not-so-great choices when traveling with little ones: deal with the hassle of bringing a cumbersome car seat, or skip the seat, taking a safety risk. The Jungs wanted to create a light, portable car seat that would pass all safety requirements and still fold up small so families could roam with it. After many months of development and testing, the Pico travel car seat is about to arrive.

In what countries will you sell the Pico?

The Pico travel car seat will be available in the U.S. where it is tested to federal safety standards for use in cars and planes.

What is the size and age limit for the Pico?

The Pico travel car seat is a forward-facing car seat recommended for kids age 2-5 who weigh between 22 and 50 pounds. 


When we release the Pico after testing the final design we'll share height limits. We always recommend measuring your child's torso, not just overall height; a certified car seat tech can make sure you are installing and using your car seat correctly for your child's size.


Click here to find a tech or car seat safety event near you, or look for a list of locations that offer safety checks here.


If you are near Los Angeles, sign up for our emails to find out when we'll be hosting free car safety checks at our office in South Pasadena. 


How big is the Pico?

The Pico is ultralight, thanks to its strong and slim aluminum frame. Its narrow design means it fits in an airline seat, or three-across in the backseat of a car, while still passing federal safety testing for planes and motor vehicles. 

How do I install the Pico?

The Pico travel car seat can be installed using a car’s LATCH system or using a car or plane seatbelt. Your Pico will come with instructions, and we’ll update this page with more info when the Pico is available. Always get your car seat (any brand) checked by a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. 


Click here to find a tech or car seat safety event near you, or look for a list of locations that offer safety checks here.


If you are near Los Angeles, sign up for our emails to find out when we're hosting free car safety checks at our office in South Pasadena. 


Are WAYB products responsibly made?

We evaluate every material and step of the process, seeking out healthier materials, pursuing sustainable design and practices, and taking care of those who create WAYB products. We’re not perfect, but we’re on a journey to do better and hope to inspire other companies along the way.

How are WAYB products designed for sustainability?

We look for high-performing, eco-friendly materials as we design our products, and we create thoughtful packaging that minimizes waste.


We favor aluminum over plastic for its strength and lightness, making our products easier for families on the go. Our aerospace-grade aluminum is super strong and absorbs impact, without the bulk.


Aluminum is also a more sustainable and eco-friendly material: it’s the earth’s most abundant element and can be infinitely reformed into new products.

Where are WAYB products made?

Our headquarters and lead designer are located in California, and our manufacturer is in South Korea and the Philippines. We’re proud that WAYB products are manufactured by the maker of the world’s best outdoor gear. Our factory has an intense commitment to quality, and to providing excellent labor conditions for its workforce, two of the reasons that leading outdoor brands trust them to make some of their most complex products. And as makers of elite rock-climbing harnesses, they understand the importance of testing every material and product for strength and safety. Locally they are known for providing needed jobs and being a good corporate citizen, responsibly reducing and treating waste as part of their standard business practice.   


How do I make sure I'm installing my car seat correctly?

A whopping 95% of parents are installing or using their car seat incorrectly. From getting it tight to making sure all the straps are in the right spot, there's a lot that can go wrong. Yes, you can read the manual and watch the videos, but these don't make you an expert. What makes you an expert is being a certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST), and luckily these folks offer car seat safety checks, often for free! And if you want to pay a little bit there are techs who will come to you. Pro tip: don't show up to your local fire station expecting them to do this on the spot. Click below and get it checked today. 


Click here to find a tech or car seat safety event near you, or look for a list of locations that offer safety checks here.


If you are near Los Angeles, sign up for our emails to find out when we're hosting free car safety checks at our office in South Pasadena. 

Is a portable car seat safe?

The Pico is tested for safety according to U.S. standards regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). And by giving parents a better choice than skipping the seat when traveling, the Pico can help keep kids safer wherever they go.


We take safety seriously at WAYB. It’s in our heritage: our founders come from the outdoor gear industry and are known for their commitment to quality and safety. They apply their expertise making harnesses for the world’s elite rock climbers, where metal, fabric and every material must be super strong and tested for extreme situations.


Most importantly, we focus on safety for your kids, and for ours. We’re proud to design WAYB products to use in our own families, and would be honored to be a part of your family’s journey.