WAYB was started to help parents get out in the world, without compromising on beautiful design or sustainable materials.

Founders Tio, Michael, and I.S. learned to make rugged yet portable gear while creating technical products for some of the world's best outdoor brands. They wanted to bring the same principles to the baby gear industry.

Their first product, the Pico travel car seat, was born when they noticed parents lugging bulky car seats through airports. By using innovative design and aerospace-grade aluminum, they created a super strong, ultralight travel seat that’s as easy on parents as it is on the earth.

Our Founders

Co-Founder and CEO Tio Jung combines his training in design and business with his family’s relentless commitment to quality and innovation. And as a dad of three little ones, he loves to create beautiful products that are healthier for his children and all children.
Co-Founder and Chairman Michael Crooke has spent his career using business as a force for good. He’s the former CEO of Patagonia and currently teaches MBA students to think about people and the planet, not just profits.
Co-Founder and Chairman I.S. Jung is a manufacturing master, skilled at combining light, strong aluminum with performance fabrics to create the highest-quality technical gear for the world’s leading outdoor brands.

Our Values

Commitment to People.

We create a better future for everyone by pioneering products and processes that are better for kids and the planet they stand to inherit.

Care for the Planet.

We use best-in-class materials and practices to reduce our footprint, and when they don’t exist, we use our expertise to innovate better ones.

“COULD WE” Culture.

We constantly question the status quo and look for improvements, with a bias towards testable actions.

Humble Transparency.

We will challenge ourselves to set and meet ambitious goals, sharing our successes, and setbacks, along our journey.