The Plastic Pollution Problem

Why Recycled Materials Are Part of the Answer

At WAYB, we create products with people and the planet in mind. That’s why we’re mindful of the materials we source, as it has ripple effects throughout the entire supply chain -- the water, waste, and energy that goes into our product creation process, as well as the people involved. So what does that mean inside the walls of WAYB? Keep reading to find out!

As part of our product design and development process, our team is committed to limiting the use of new materials derived from fossil fuels (e.g., oil, gas, etc.). In our case, this means plastic, which is made from petrochemicals derived from oil and gas. A majority of plastic (91%) isn’t recycled and because plastic doesn’t biodegrade, all of the plastic ever produced still exists today in some shape or form! That’s led to a huge waste and ocean pollution problem, not to mention intense pressure on the environment to source and create plastic.

Our small part in helping combat the global plastic pollution problem? We limit our use of plastic and avoid the use of virgin plastic when we can. It’s one of the reasons why we use an aerospace-grade aluminum frame in the Pico Travel Car Seat instead of the plastic found in traditional car seats. And it’s the reason why our Ready to Roam Collection of bags and packs is made from recycled polyester and nylon fabrics. Rather than having plastic sit (forever) in a landfill or pollute our oceans, the waste is repurposed to make new products. Here’s a high-level overview of how the material recycling process generally works:

    We hope giving new life to old plastic (or avoiding it altogether) is one small way we can help combat the global plastic problem. And while this is only a start, we remain committed to continually working towards better material choices as we create products you (and future generations) will love. There’s still a lot we want to do in the future, and we hope you’ll continue to follow along with us on our journey to become a more sustainable company as we grow.