WAYB Pico Design and Innovation Wins Gold at IDEA

The mission was simple. How do we redesign the traditional bulky and heavy car seat to be sleek, functional, and friendlier to our planet?

Beginning in 2017, our team of world class designers and engineers, led by our three co-founders, Innovation Discovery Chief, Jeff Lockie, and Innovation Discovery Designer, Kurtis Sakai, accepted the mission. They committed to designing a car seat that makes it easier for families to get around, and do it in style. 

Fast forward to 2019, after tons of idea sessions, safety testing, long (but fun!) nights, and some caffeine – the Pico on-the-go car seat is born. 

We’re extremely proud of our first-born, and on August 21, 2019, that pride was taken to the next level. WAYB was honored with an award from the prestigious Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA).

Pico took home the Gold trophy in the Children’s Products category at the 39th annual International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).

Fun fact: IDEA received over 1,600 entries from 24 countries and regions. Only 19 gold trophies were given out. And Pico was one of those 19! WOW. 


WAYB wins Gold at IDEA

WAYB team members Jeff Lockie, Kurtis Sakai, and I.S. Jung attended the award ceremony and gala in Chicago.

Thank you to ISDA and all our WAYB fans (you reading this right now!) for believing in our mission to make family travel gear products that are better for parents, their kids, and the planet they inherit. Way better. 

Here’s to the journey ahead!

WAYB Pico gets Gold at IDEA Awards