WAYB’s Car Seat Recycling Program

The car seat industry is weighed down by bulky gear that’s poorly designed and destined for the landfill. In fact, 90% of the nearly 10M car seats sold in the U.S. every year end up there. We thought, “there has to be a better way.” Read on to learn more about our journey to ensure Pico could be 100% recyclable right here in the U.S.

WAYB was founded with the goal of creating gear that’s better for people and the planet. So, at the very beginning of Pico’s development process, we aimed to design it with the environment in mind. That’s the reason why we chose aluminum (which is infinitely recyclable!) for our seat’s frame instead of the bulky plastic used in traditional seats. And it's the reason why we innovated our proprietary AstroKnit™ mesh with RWS-certified wool to create a comfy seat, instead of the foam found in traditional seats.

But what would become of the seat after families were done adventuring with the Pico? All of these amazing materials we chose at its creation would still be destined for the landfill at the end of its journey. That’s when we knew we had to create a recycling program to help close the loop and ensure we gave new life to old parts.

On Earth Day 2022, WAYB’s car seat recycling program was born! Through our in-house program, in partnership with CarSeatRecycling.com, Pico is 100% recyclable. That means that every single component of the Pico can be recycled (right here in the U.S.!) and reintroduced to the supply chain. Additionally, every Pico recycled through our program is sent to a recycling facility that helps reduce recidivism and provide job training for those re-entering the workforce.

Ready to recycle Pico? Here’s how WAYB’s recycling program works!

  1. Purchase a recycling kit on wayb.com
  2. Send the Pico to our recycler using the prepaid label
  3. Receive a $30 gift card for a future WAYB purchase 

A win for you, Pico, and the planet! Head to wayb.com/sustainbility to purchase the kit and to read more about our sustainability efforts.