We're Here to Champion Family Travel

Oh hi! We’re WAYB. You might know us as the makers of Pico, the game-changing car seat that’s ultralight and small to make travel way better. Innovative family travel gear is “what” we make, but behind the products there’s a much bigger reason “why.”  

WAYB is here to champion family travel. To inspire and equip the next trip. Because we believe that travel opens our minds and our hearts. It shapes who we are. Travel makes us, and the world, better. 

We’ve noticed something though. A noise. A LOT of noise. Noise that tells parents it’s too hard to travel with kids. Too expensive. Too exhausting. They won’t remember it. It’s not worth it. 

You know what? We call bull$h1t. 

Traveling with kids is different, sure. But it’s worth it. And WAYB is proud to be the brand to stand up and say “go.” We’ve brought this to life in our first brand campaign. Read our campaign manifesto below, and check out our hero video, to find out why traveling as a family can make all the difference in the world. 

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By Amanda Reid and Michelle Nam Fischer