A Special Delivery ft. Shaun T. and Family!

Fitness guru Shaun T. (follow him on Instagram @shaunt!) is a well-known motivational speaker and trainer who created the INSANITY workout plan. He pushes people to challenge their physical endurance, and does it with a charm that keeps us smiling along the way.

Now most of us probably aren’t at the fitness caliber of Shaun T., but we can relate to another battle Shaun takes on every day: parenthood. He is married to his business partner, Scott, and together they are living in a beautiful twinsanity with their twin boys, Sander and Silas.

Shaunt T & family

Like all family travelers, Shaun T. wants to get his kids out in the world – exposing them to different cultures, foods, and perspectives. Shaun and Scott travel a ton for work (don’t worry, they travel for fun too!) and want to ensure their little ones get to experience the adventures with them.

While searching for must-have family travel gear, Shaun kept hitting a dead end when looking for a travel car seat. The family needed their car seat to be compact (double the kids means double the seats), easily portable, and most importantly, safe for cars and planes.

One day on Instagram, Shaun came across WAYB’s Pico travel car seat and reached out to learn more.

As the stars would have it, WAYB’s very own Ericka Sykes, Director of Sales, and Manny Andrade, Head of Customer Experience, have a special connection to Shaun T. His INSANITY fitness plan played a large role in building their personal confidence, as well as their physical and mental endurance. With this in mind, they planned a special surprise WAYB Pico delivery for Shaun and his family!

Check out some of the special moments captured below:

Unboxing Picos with the WAYB Team

Shaun and Scott were especially excited to learn some of these fun facts about Pico:

  • Pico is ultralight, weighing a mere 8 pounds.
  • Pico folds up super small to fit in a travel bag! The bag fits easily in the overhead bin on a plane.
  • Pico passes all FAA and NHTSA safety standards, making it safe for driving and flying with the twins.
  • WAYB's products are designed with parents, kids, and the planet in mind. We use aerospace-grade aluminum and breathable mesh in place of a bulky plastic shell and toxic foams.

Like Shaun T., we want to hear about your family travels, too! Share photos of your Pico-filled adventures by tagging us @hellowayb!