Redefining Family Travel: A Conversation with Will Coleman, CEO of Alto


When it comes to parenthood and travel, Will Coleman, CEO of Alto and father of four children under ten, knows firsthand the hurdles families face. Recently the WAYB team was able to chat with Will about this and more in a candid interview. Will shared insights into his personal experiences as a parent, the challenges of traveling with children, and the innovative partnership between Alto and WAYB that is revolutionizing family travel.


"Nothing about travel is easy, especially with young children," Will admitted, reflecting on how difficult it is to navigate airports with family and ensure the comfort of restless kids. "As a parent, I understand the importance of removing even the slightest bit of stress from a travel day."


One of the most significant challenges parents encounter during travel is the inconsistency of transportation options. "Not knowing if a car will fit my family and our luggage was frustrating," Will admitted.  However, Alto's commitment to fleet consistency ensures customers always have the space they need. "Alto prioritizes reliability and predictability, offering families peace of mind during their travels."


Alto customers, many of whom are parents themselves, have played a vital role in shaping the company's services. "Listening to customer feedback led us to add car seats as a standard feature in Alto vehicles," Will explained. "We're dedicated to providing safe and convenient transportation solutions for families."


The partnership between Alto and WAYB is grounded in shared values of safety, sustainability, and family travel. "Integrating WAYB's innovative Pico car seats into our vehicles benefits our customers by eliminating the need to pack additional car seats," Will emphasized. "It aligns with Alto's mission of redefining transportation through innovation."


It’s no surprise that Will and his family are fans of Pico too! Recalling one of the first times they used the seat was on a family trip. "The portability and compact size of the Pico seats impressed me," he remarked. "Installing them in multiple vehicles was a breeze, without sacrificing space."


Having the experience of the Pico made for a natural collaboration. The idea to put a WAYB Pico in Alto’s vehicles for families on the go was a no-brainer saying, "As both a parent and a user of WAYB products, I see opportunities to make travel even easier for families," he concluded.


Will’s vision for Alto transcends just transportation services—it's about transforming the way families travel. Through collaboration, innovation, and a deep understanding of parental needs, Alto is paving the way for safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable family travel experiences.