Introducing the WAYB Re-Certified Pico Program!

Pico is breaking the mold once again.

WAYB is dedicated to innovation that helps families stay safe on the go while also doing what we can do to eliminate unnecessary waste.

As part of these values, WAYB is committed to a path toward sustainability,
undertaking initiatives such as becoming a certified B Corp to our first-of-its-kind
and latest endeavor, the Re-Certified Pico Program.

At times, Picos are returned to us for minor reasons like a color exchange or the
Pico did not arrive in time. The industry standard is to send these units to be
destroyed and dumped in a landfill. At WAYB we instituted the Pico Recycling
Program where these units can be 100% recycled and materials reintroduced into the supply chain.

But through careful planning, we found that select Pico seats can have another life providing safety on the go for kiddos with our Re-Certified program.

How does a Pico get re-certified you may ask?

Well, after a careful initial review by our receiving department, we send select units to our factory for an exhaustive re-certification process.

The Quality Control team evaluates potential seats for the program. If selected,
each seat is put through a strenuous 360-degree quality review. All aspects of the Pico are scrutinized, from the headrest to the LATCH system. Any component that needs to be replaced is done so with new genuine WAYB parts.

Safety is the top priority for WAYB and that is why each Re-Certified seat is held to the same high standards as a new Pico and every Re-Certified Pico seat conforms to all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards and is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft.

While some may have cosmetic imperfections, every Re-Certified Pico comes with the same warranty as a new Pico.

With the Re-Certified Pico Program, WAYB is raising the bar on industry standards to bring new life to our Pico portable car seats for you and your family.