Five Easy Steps to Install the World’s Most Travel-Friendly Car Seat

Lights! Camera! ACTION! WAYB presents a quick and easy installation video for Pico™, the on-the-go car seat.


The WAYB Pico (patent pending) is a light and compact forward-facing car seat for kids weighing 22-50 lbs and who are at least 30” tall. Pico™ is recommended for ages 2+. Learn more about Pico here.


In this family-friendly feature, we cover the basic steps of installing the Pico in your vehicle using the LATCH system. We’ll cover everything you need to hit the road: how to get the Pico ready to be used, where to find the important stuff (the owner’s manual – it’s a real page-turner – so read it first!), how to attach the Pico to your vehicle’s anchor points (“CLICK!”) and how to ensure that your kiddos properly fit into the Pico.

Child in car seat being buckled in correctly

Pico passes all required U.S. safety/crash testing so you can rest easy. And since Pico is FAA-certified and folds up small to go with you, you can travel safer knowing you always have your car seat.  

You’ll notice that we are using a back seat position that’s next to the door – that’s because in this vehicle it’s one option where the LATCH system is located. Not sure where the LATCH system is located in your vehicle? Every vehicle is different, so please make sure to read YOUR owner’s manual.

We also show you how to uninstall the Pico and prepare it for storage when you’re not using it. We’re so happy to bring you and your family a way better car seat – the WAYB Pico!

 Pico Car Seat folded and unfolded



Recap! Here’s a quick review of what’s in the video.

CHECK THE POCKET Read the owner’s manual in Pico’s back pocket.

SET UP PICO Flip and lock the seat bottom (pro tip: push hard!), and raise the headrest from the storage position. “Click!”

INSTALL WITH LATCH Read your vehicle owner’s manual to understand your car’s LATCH system. LATCH is preferred for Pico, but if you need to install with a lap-and-shoulder belt that video is coming soon. To install with LATCH, push the lower connectors on to the lower anchors (“Click! Click!”), attach the tether to the tether anchor (“Click!”) and tighten everything until Pico wiggles less than 1” side-to-side and front-to-back.

ADJUST Kiddo time! Buckle the crotch buckle and tighten at the hips on both sides. Give the shoulder straps the pinch test - if you can pinch them they are too loose. Clip the chest clip and adjust to armpit level. Check that shoulders are below seat back and ears are below the top of the headrest.

UNINSTALL Reverse the steps to fold and stow Pico for your next adventure!

Still need help? Reach out to with any questions.


Coming attractions: In the coming weeks we’ll release Pico installation videos using a vehicle seat belt with the tether and installing it with an aircraft seat belt.