Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day With Kids

Okay, so we admit the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a certain holiday in mid-March probably isn’t: how can I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with my kids? But since we’re still going to be a little delayed this year in terms of going out with coworkers and friends, we thought we could figure out some cool ways to celebrate with the little ones we have at home who are - let’s face it - always ready to party.

1. Go Green - When we typically bring up going green on our blog, we’re talking about the environment and sustainability. But, this time, we’re talking green socks, green hair ties, green apples for snacking, only using the green crayons for a day… whatever you can make green this St. Patrick’s Day, we’re giving you the greenlight!

Fun Fact: Did you know St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival? Historians believe the very first St. Patrick’s Day parade was actually held in America in what is now Florida on March 17, 1601.

2. Shamrockin’ Crafts and Snacks - Streamers, magic wands, cookies… if you can make it into the shape of a shamrock or a four-leaf clover, why not? We’re all for courting all the luck we can get in 2021. And if you get sick of green, add some more colors in there to make leprechaun-sanctioned rainbows!

3. Lucky Charms Treasure Hunt - What do leprechauns love more than anything else? That’s right - gold! Hide bags of treasure (whether it’s candy or some other treat or toy) around the house and yard and have your little leprechauns go on a hunt to see what kind of lucky charms they find.

Fun Fact: Did you know that it’s modern idea that we wear green on St. Paddy’s Day for good luck? Originally, people wore green to make them invisible to leprechauns, a handy trick considering that according to folklore, leprechauns are fond of pinching anyone they see!

4. Dye & Color - It's a classic, right? What kid doesn’t get a kick out of green milk, green pudding, green water? There are, of course, ready-made green syrups and food dyes, as well as fun powder versions you can buy called whimsical names like “Leprechaun Dust” to get the job done with a little more flair.

Psst… want to know another cool way to go green? There’s plenty of gratifying green grub that doesn’t even need dye to fit the holiday. We’re talking broccoli, green beans, lettuce, lima beans… and the more traditional holiday cabbage. If you’re having a little trouble getting your little ones to eat their good green stuff, tell them ‘tis the season, so do like the leprechauns do and eat their veggies!

5. Set a Leprechaun Trap - This is sort of the opposite of what we do with Santa… Instead of leaving cookies and milk out for the big red guy to enjoy as thanks the night before, set out some (chocolate) gold coins out for the little green guy under a “rigged” box (a shoe box or even the Pico’s box would make an excellent leprechaun trap, fyi!). In the morning, you can sneakily replace the gold coins with a treat or gift for your little ones to find in lieu of said leprechaun (they always figure out how to escape!).

Fun Fact: Did you know that leprechauns are thought to originate from Celtic fairies, small creatures who could participate in good or evil mischief? In folklore, the original name for these creatures was “lobaircin,” which means “small-bodied fellow.”

6. Learn about Irish Culture - Lastly, take the opportunity to sit down with your junior humans and learn more about Irish culture and history. You can even make a game about it. Where would you visit in Ireland if you were going on a fantastical leprechaun hunt or looking for the end of that rainbow? Maybe by the end of it, you’ll find you’ve planned your next trip!

Share your St. Patrick’s Day fun online, and tag us @hellowayb. We can’t wait to see what kind of celebrating gets the greenlight from you and your family!